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“With my background as a former police officer, and 10 years in this industry,

I can advise you that the new legislation is not difficult” Brent Rice – Director

We set up the processes, teaching you HOW as we go.

Once you’re confident, we then hand over the reins,

ALWAYS on hand to offer support – at no extra cost

In the last two years, 35 of our clients have had onsite visits by Worksafe NZ, and all inspectors have been satisfied with our processes.


Providing Auckland businesses health and safety requirements with


We look after a large and diverse range of companies. 🙂

Want the H&S law explained simply?

Want the H&S Law Explained Simply ?

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Who We’ve Helped

We’ve partnered and set up health and safety processes for over 1000 New Zealand Businesses in a range of industries over the last 9 year.


“There has been a massive change in the installers work attitude and safety. Job well done in my eyes”

Eddie Yates – Mint Auckland


“The work we did with you was invaluable for the recent Award we won as there was a lot of business process required and a section devoted to Health & Safety”

Susan – Ellen & Co



“The health and safety package you set up was an integral part of the due diligence and decision-making process. Now we have successfully sold our business. Thanks for all your work.”

Diane – Scott Seafood.



“If The Cleaner Doesn’t Get it You’re In Trouble”

Health and Safety needs to be understood by everyone!

– Brent Rice –

Set the Stage at Work for Better Health and Safety in Auckland

How well is your business equipped to handle meeting regulations for workplace health and safety in Auckland? Ever since the tragic Pike River Mine disaster and the subsequent passage of the new Health and Safety at Work Act of 2015, businesses must adhere to an increased number of rules and regulations. Modelled off a similar law passed in Australia that led to a significant reduction in workplace deaths and injuries, the HSWA aims to make New Zealand a safer place to work. 

Does meeting your obligations under these rules seem particularly exhausting, confusing, or otherwise difficult? While at first glance it may seem like a challenging task to complete, setting yourself up for a safer workplace can be quite straightforward. With help from Worksafe Services, developing and implementing a compliant plan is much simpler. 


Why Trust Worksafe Services NZ as Your Health and Safety Consultants? 

What are the reasons that speak to why you should bring our team aboard to assist your business with equipping itself for safer work in the future? We’ve worked hard to establish our credentials and to demonstrate to our clients why we are the right choice to help safeguard your workers. Here’s how:

  • We have 10+ years of experience to use in helping structure plans for health and safety with companies partnering with us. This experience informs our understanding of risk, and in concert with the guidelines laid out in the HSWA, enables us to deliver superior service. 
  • We’re committed to your success in safety, and we don’t leave you holding the bag. We take the time to develop a tailored plan for your business before implementing it and training you on the next steps. 


About Worksafe Services NZ 

At Worksafe Services, we recognised that a sea change in practices protecting health & safety in NZ was on the horizon in the wake of the Pike River Mine explosion. With the new HSWA coming into force early in 2016, we knew it was time to make our skills available to others. Take this opportunity to learn more about us and how we can serve you best:

  • We’ve helped more than 1,000 businesses across New Zealand develop safety plans to protect their workers on the job better. 
  • Worksafe Services does not provide help and disappear; we’ll support your business throughout its lifetime. Whenever you have concerns about your safety plan or think it might be time for an update due to a process change, our help is a phone call away.

Led by our founder and director Brent Rice, we look forward to supporting your business now and in the future as health and safety providers.


Why Worksafe Services NZ is a Cost-Effective Choice 

The costs of poor safety can mount quickly. Not only will productivity suffer when employees miss work due to injuries, but it can create an environment on the worksite where others do not feel confident in their job roles. With better safety processes and a team that understands how to work together to make conditions safer for all, we can correct deficiencies, boost productivity, and go home happy. Find out more about how better safety is good for your bottom line today.