Providing Auckland businesses health and safety requirements with;


“With my background as a former police officer, and 8 years in this industry,

I can advise you that the new legislation is not difficult”

But, with 134 fines (ranging from $5000 to $3million) in the new HSW Act alone, business owners need to be committed.

That is where we come in. Our job is to put the systems in place to protect your business.

With our diligence and discipline, we’ve created a no-nonsense process that get you legal and compliant – quickly.

Remember your business has it’s own unique variables ie;

 your industry, staff, workplace, plant, how you operate, offsite operations, etc,

so arrange a no-obligation assessment now.

We look after a large and diverse range of companies, and specialise in setting up SME’s.

In the last two years 13 of our clients have had Worksafe audits, all have satisfied Worksafe inspections, and 0 have failed.

Call us on 0800 002 820 and we'll email a questionnaire, so that you'll be able to assess exactly, what you need for your business