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Step 1 – Setup

  • Setup and training with all staff so they understand WHY they need to protect themselves – and your business. 

  • WHAT everyone’s legal requirements are, and HOW we are going to implement the processes.

  • All necessary evidential documentation is provided. 

Step 2: Risk Assessment (Task Analysis)

Create a list of tasks

Worker engagement

Risk assessments

Safe work processes

Incident reporting 

Step 3 – Training / Plant / Machinery

  • Training, Supervision, Review processes put in place

  • Health monitoring (if required)

  • Plant – machinery schedules with automatic reminders

  • Consequences for workers who break rules

  • Emergency and contingency planning

  • Reporting – customised to suit your needs

Step 4 – Audit

Final check before we hand over the reins

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere 🙂

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